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Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Variables and Controls - Signal Detection Theory

Signal Detection Theory (PDF)

Variables and Controls (PDF)
3 Single Factor Design and Statistics (T-test)

Single Factor Design (PDF)

Statistics and T-test (PDF)

Spatial Cueing Description (PDF)
4 Factorial Design and External Validity

Factorial Design and Interaction (PDF)

Validity (PDF)

CogLab 3: Visual Search - Description (PDF)
5 How to Write a Research Paper / How to Give a Talk
6 Factorial Design and Statistical Analysis (ANOVA)

Factorial Design and Interaction - Part 2 (PDF)
7 Project 1 Presentation: Single Factor Design
8 MATLABĀ® Tutorial - Description of Project 2
9 Greatest Experiments in Cognitive Science
10 Experimental Paradigms in Cognitive Science (PDF)
11 Cognitive Neuroscience Methods (PDF - 2.6 MB) (Courtesy of Benjamin Balas. Used with permission.)
12 Single Participant Experiments, Quasi-Experiments

Survey Methods (PDF)

Quasi Experiment Designs (PDF)
13 Correlational Studies and Non Experimental Research

Non-Experimental Research (PDF)
14 Project 2 Presentation: Factorial Design
15 Description of Project 3

Writing a Paper (PDF)
16 Experiments in Other Sciences

17 Special Topic: Understanding the Visual World
18 Ethics in Research

Psychology and Other Sciences (PDF)

Ethics (PDF)
19 General Review

Samples of Exam Questions (PDF)
20 Exam in Class
21 Project 3 Discussion
22 Flawed Studies
23 Review
24 Project 3 Presentation
25 Project 3 Presentation (cont.)
26 Discussion of Articles (Optional)
27 Last Class: Final