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1 Introduction
2 Variables and Controls - Signal Detection Theory Interactive program: The WISE Project's Signal Theory Tutorial

Palmer, Stephen E. "Appendix: Signal Detection Theory." In Vision Science. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999. ISBN: 0262161834.

Hypothetical data and calculation of standard deviation from LSD-Rats Experiment (XLS)
3 Single Factor Design and Statistics (T-test) T-test on line

T-test Excel Demo (XLS) (A spreadsheet illustrating how to carry out t-tests in Excel. Courtesy of Ruth Rosenholtz. Used with permission.)
4 Factorial Design and External Validity
5 How to Write a Research Paper / How to Give a Talk
6 Factorial Design and Statistical Analysis (ANOVA)
7 Project 1 Presentation: Single Factor Design Ten Secrets to Giving a Good Scientific Talk
8 MATLABĀ® Tutorial - Description of Project 2 Psychophysics Toolbox

Brainard, D. H. "The Psychophysics Toolbox." Spatial Vision 10 (1997): 433-436.

Psychtoolbox: SCREEN function

Introductory Script (M)

Making a Bar Graph (M)
9 Greatest Experiments in Cognitive Science Tong, Frank. "Splitting the Spotlight of Visual Attention." Neuron 42 (2004): 524-6.
10 Experimental Paradigms in Cognitive Science Change Blindness Demos (PDF)#

Simons, Daniel J. "Attentional capture and inattentional blindness." Trends in Cognitive Sciences 4 (2000): 147-155.

Rensink, Ronald A. "Change Detection." Annu Rev Psychol 53 (2002): 245-77.

Green, C. Shawn, and Daphne Bavelier. "Action video game modifies visual selective attention." Nature 423 (2003): 534-537.
11 Cognitive Neuroscience Methods
12 Single Participant Experiments, Quasi-Experiments What is a Survey?

Survey: Research methods workshop

NonExperimental Approaches
13 Correlational Studies and Non Experimental Research
14 Project 2 Presentation: Factorial Design Ten secrets to give a good talk
15 Description of Project 3 Buckner, R. L. "The Potion's Magic." Neuron 42 (2004): 526-7.

Sheese, B. E., and W. G. Graziano. "Deciding to defect: the effects of video-game violence on cooperative behavior." Psychol Sci 16 (2005): 354-7.

How to Write a Paper (PDF)#
16 Experiments in Other Sciences
17 Special Topic: Understanding the Visual World
18 Ethics in Research
19 General Review
20 Exam in Class
21 Project 3 Discussion
22 Flawed Studies
23 Review
24 Project 3 Presentation
25 Project 3 Presentation (cont.)
26 Discussion of Articles (Optional)
27 Last Class: Final