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The course calendar includes lectures, project-oriented recitation sessions, and a few labs. On average, each week includes two lecture sessions and one recitation or lab, but this is not strictly followed every week.

1 Introduction: Appropriate Technologies in the Developing World Amy Smith  
2 Appropriate Technology and Intermediate Technology Amy Smith Writing 1 due
3 Participatory Development

Role Playing Exercise
Amy Smith  
4 Stakeholder Analysis

Perspectives on Development
Amy Smith, Kurt Kornbluth, and Prof. Mitch Resnick, MIT Homework 1 due
5 Presentations on Countries and Projects    
6 Water Issues in the Developing World

Lab: Water Lab
Amy Smith Homework 2 due
7 Water Treatment Systems Daniele Lantagne, CDC  
8 Project Team Meetings    
9 DISACARE Case Study Kurt Kornbluth Homework 3 due
10 Manufacturing in Developing Countries Amy Smith and Kurt Kornbluth  
11 Initial Project Presentations   Homework 4 due
12 Manufacturing Lab: Wheelchair Fabrication Kurt Kornbluth  
13 R & D for Sustainable Development in Rural Areas Anil Rajvanshi, NARI  
14 Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid Allan Hammond, WRI Writing 2 due
15 Poverty Reduction Schemes Amy Smith  
16 Project Team Meetings    
17 Agricultural Technology Showcase I Amy Smith  
18 Agricultural Technology Showcase II Paul Polak, IDE  
19 Lab: Cooking Lab   Writing 3 due
20 Energy Issues in Developing Countries   Quiz due
21 Lab: Solar Energy and Lighting   Homework 5 due
22 Project Status Presentations Team Leads  
23 Photo-voltaic System Design Dr. Jim Bales, MIT  
24 Life Cycle Analysis

Lab: Charcoal Manufacture
Kurt Kornbluth  
25 Project Team Meetings    
26 Health Issues in the Developing World Claire Pierre MD, Cambridge Health Alliance  
27 Humanitarian Bridge Building Toni Ruttimann  
28 Sanitation and Latrine Technology Laura Orlando, ReSource  
29 Lab: Latrine Building Amy Deora, MIT  
30 Gender Issues in Development Prof. Christine Walley, MIT  
31 ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development) Leo Burd, MIT  
32 Project Team Meetings   Homework 6 due
33 Field Project Logistics

Trip Planning

Travel Information, Health, Safety
Amy Smith and Kurt Kornbluth  
34 Survey and Assessment Techniques Sumi Ariely, MIT  
35 The Better World Workshop Carl Bielenberg  
36 Project Team Meetings   Writing 4 due
37 Medical Anthropology - Prosthetics Steve Kurzman  
38 Final Presentations

  Homework 7 due