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Mastering the Machine Revisited readings are from the course text: Amazon logo Smillie, Ian. Mastering the Machine Revisited: Poverty, Aid and Technology. Bourton-on-Dunsmore, UK: ITDG Publishing, 2000. ISBN: 9781853395079.

1 Introduction: Appropriate Technologies in the Developing World

Amazon logo Schumacher, E. F. "Social and Economic Problems Calling for the Development of Intermediate Technology." Part III, Chapter 2 in Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. New York: Harper Perennial, 1989, pp. 181-201. ISBN: 9780060916305.

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2 Appropriate Technology and Intermediate Technology

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Participatory Development

Role Playing Exercise

Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 35-66.

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Stakeholder Analysis

Perspectives on Development

Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 69-85.
5 Presentations on Countries and Projects "Water for People, Water for Life." UNESCO (PDF)

Water Issues in the Developing World

Lab: Water Lab

Sobsey, M. "Managing Water in the Home: Accelerated Health Gains from Improved Water Supply." Sections 1-7. World Health Organization, 2002.
8 Project: Team Meetings D-Lab Case Study: "Wheelchairs in Zambia"
9 DISACARE Case Study

In-class Reading and Discussion: Disacare Case Study Supplement (PDF - 2.8 MB)

"Manufacturing Enterprise." ITDG.

Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 171-186.

10 Manufacturing in Developing Countries Warschauer, Mark. "Reconceptualizing the Digital Divide." First Monday 7, no. 7 (July 2002).
14 Marketing to the Bottom of the Pyramid

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17 Agricultural Technology Showcase I Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 104-136.
18 Agricultural Technology Showcase II

D-Lab Case Study: "Oilseed Press"

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20 Energy Issues in Developing Countries

Distributed Power Modeling and Lifecycle Assessment (PDF)

Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 137-153.

21 Lab: Solar Energy and Lighting

UN Development Programme, World Energy Assessment.

Chapter 1: Energy and Major Global Issues (PDF)

Chapter 2: Energy and Social Issues (PDF)


23 Photo-voltaic System Design

Shapouri, H., et al. "The Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol: An Update." USDA. (PDF)

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Life Cycle Analysis

Lab: Charcoal Manufacture

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27 Humanitarian Bridge Building Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 200-213.
28 Sanitation and Latrine Technology Hafkin, N., and N. Taggart. "Supporting Women's Use of Information Technologies for Sustainable Development."
30 Gender Issues in Development Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 189-199.
31 ICT4D (Information and Communications Technologies for Development) Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 214-245.
34 Survey and Assessment Techniques Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 154-170.
35 The Better World Workshop Mastering the Machine Revisited. pp. 246-261.