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Through innovative research, MIT Sloan faculty create and redefine ideas at the forefront of management theory and practice around the globe.

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  • Bellows, William D. (William Devereaux) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    During manufacturing scale-up of a new product, new failure modes often surface which require corrective action. However, as production numbers of an insulin injection device pass 200 million per year, testing continues ...
  • Bower, Andrew D. (Andrew Douglas) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    The Amgen Manufacturing Ltd. facility in Juncos, Puerto Rico faces a challenge encountered by manufacturers across industries: How can they make the best use of their existing resources? As production volume and product ...
  • Anderson, Ross Michael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    This thesis considers problems in two areas in the healthcare operations: Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) and scheduling medical residents in hospitals. In both areas, we explore the implications of policy change through high ...
  • Fast, Shannon M. (Shannon Marie) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    Epidemic trajectories and associated social responses vary widely between populations, with severe reactions sometimes observed. When confronted with fatal or novel pathogens, people exhibit a variety of behaviors from ...
  • Jernigan, Nicholas R. (Nicholas Richard) (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)
    In this paper we present a mixed integer optimization framework for modeling the shipment of goods between origin destination (O-D) pairs by vehicles of different types over a time-space network. The output of the model ...