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MIT Open Access Articles


The MIT Open Access Articles collection consists of scholarly articles written by MIT-affiliated authors that are made available through DSpace@MIT under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, or under related publisher agreements. Articles in this collection generally reflect changes made during peer-review.

Version details are supplied for each paper in the collection:

  • Original manuscript: author's manuscript prior to formal peer review
  • Author's final manuscript: final author's manuscript post peer review, without publisher's formatting or copy editing
  • Final published version: final published article, as it appeared in a journal, conference proceedings, or other formally published context (this version appears here only if allowable under publisher's policy)

Some peer-reviewed scholarly articles are available through other DSpace@MIT collections, such as those for departments, labs, and centers.

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Most Accessed Articles - February 2014

Recent Submissions

  • Saetia, Kittipong; Schnorr, Jan M.; Mannarino, Matthew M.; Kim, Sung Yeol; Rutledge, Gregory C.; Swager, Timothy Manning; Hammond, Paula T. (Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co., 2014-01)
    Development of a versatile method for incorporating conductive materials into textiles could enable advances in wearable electronics and smart textiles. One area of critical importance is the detection of chemicals in the ...
  • Li, Yaning; Waas, Anthony M.; Arruda, Ellen M. (Elsevier B.V., 2011-03)
    A synergistic stiffening effect observed in the elastic mechanical properties of LBL assembled polymer/clay nanocomposites is studied via two continuum mechanics approaches. The nanostructure of the representative volume ...
  • Olberding, Simon; Gong, Nan-Wei; Tiab, John; Paradiso, Joseph A.; Steimle, Jürgen; Gong, Nan-wei (Association for Computing Machinery, 2013-10)
    We propose cutting as a novel paradigm for ad-hoc customization of printed electronic components. As a first instantiation, we contribute a printed capacitive multi-touch sensor, which can be cut by the end-user to modify ...
  • Gong, Nan-Wei; Steimle, Jürgen; Olberding, Simon; Hodges, Steve; Gillian, Nicholas Edward; Kawahara, Yoshihiro; Paradiso, Joseph A.; Gong, Nan-wei (Association for Computing Machinery, 2014-04)
    We present a multimodal on-surface and near-surface sensing technique for planar, curved and flexible surfaces. Our technique leverages temporal multiplexing of signals coming from a universal interdigitated electrode ...
  • Staiano, Jacopo; Pianesi, Fabio; Lepri, Bruno; Sebe, Nicu; Aharony, Nadav; Pentland, Alex Paul (Association for Computing Machinery, 2012-09)
    In this work, we investigate the relationships between social network structure and personality; we assess the performances of different subsets of structural network features, and in particular those concerned with ...
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