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MIT Open Access Articles


The MIT Open Access Articles collection consists of scholarly articles written by MIT-affiliated authors that are made available through DSpace@MIT under the MIT Faculty Open Access Policy, or under related publisher agreements. Articles in this collection generally reflect changes made during peer-review.

Version details are supplied for each paper in the collection:

  • Original manuscript: author's manuscript prior to formal peer review
  • Author's final manuscript: final author's manuscript post peer review, without publisher's formatting or copy editing
  • Final published version: final published article, as it appeared in a journal, conference proceedings, or other formally published context (this version appears here only if allowable under publisher's policy)

Some peer-reviewed scholarly articles are available through other DSpace@MIT collections, such as those for departments, labs, and centers.

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Recent Submissions

  • Lander, Eric S. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-05)
    Translating whole-exome sequencing (WES) for prospective clinical use may have an impact on the care of patients with cancer; however, multiple innovations are necessary for clinical implementation. These include rapid and ...
  • Lander, Eric S. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-01)
    Schizophrenia is a common disease with a complex aetiology, probably involving multiple and heterogeneous genetic factors. Here, by analysing the exome sequences of 2,536 schizophrenia cases and 2,543 controls, we demonstrate ...
  • Lawrence, Michael S.; Stojanov, Petar; Mermel, Craig H.; Robinson, James T.; Garraway, Levi A.; Golub, Todd R.; Meyerson, Matthew; Gabriel, Stacey B.; Lander, Eric S.; Getz, Gad (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-01)
    Although a few cancer genes are mutated in a high proportion of tumours of a given type (>20%), most are mutated at intermediate frequencies (2–20%). To explore the feasibility of creating a comprehensive catalogue of ...
  • Hacisuleyman, Ezgi; Trapnell, Cole; Williams, Adam; Henao-Mejia, Jorge; Sun, Lei; McClanahan, Patrick; Hendrickson, David G; Sauvageau, Martin; Kelley, David R; Morse, Michael; Engreitz, Jesse; Guttman, Mitch; Flavell, Richard; Raj, Arjun; Rinn, John L; Goff, Loyal A.; Lander, Eric S.; Lodish, Harvey F. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-01)
    RNA, including long noncoding RNA (lncRNA), is known to be an abundant and important structural component of the nuclear matrix. However, the molecular identities, functional roles and localization dynamics of lncRNAs that ...
  • Lander, Eric S. (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-07)
    Adenocarcinoma of the lung is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Here we report molecular profiling of 230 resected lung adenocarcinomas using messenger RNA, microRNA and DNA sequencing integrated with copy number, ...
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