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Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes to supplement the textbook are available below.

1 Special Relativity
2 Special Relativity, and Accelerated Motion
3 Vectors, One-Forms and Tensors (PDF)
4 Metric, Coordinate Bases, and Change of Basis (PDF)
5 Orthonormal Bases, Gradient, and Connection (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
6 Number-Flux and Stress-Energy (PDF)
7 Parallel Transport and Geodesics (PDF)
8 Hamiltonian Dynamics (PDF 1) (PDF 2)
9 Curvature (PDF)
10 Curvature vs. Acceleration (PDF)
11 Postulates of General Relativity
12 Einstein Equations
13 Gauge Invariance and the Hilbert Action (PDF)
14 Linear Perturbation Theory (PDF)
15 Gravitomagnetism and Spin Precession
16 Gravitational Radiation, and Quadrupole Formula
17 Gravitational Wave Astronomy
18 Spherical Solutions to the Einstein Equations
19 White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars
20 Schwarzschild and its Geodesics
21 4 Classical Tests of General Relativity
22 Kruskal Coordinates, and Wormholes (PDF)
23 Hawking Radiation, and Charged Black Holes

Sean Carroll's Relativity Notes
24 Kerr Solution

Sean Carroll's Relativity Notes
25 Cosmology

Sean Carroll's Relativity Notes
26 Cosmology (cont.)

Sean Carroll's Relativity Notes