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Amplitude analysis of B[superscript +] →J/ψϕK[superscript +] decays

Research and Teaching Output of the MIT Community

Show simple item record Aaij, R. Adeva, B. Adinolfi, M. Ajaltouni, Z. Akar, S. Albrecht, J. Alessio, F. Alexander, M. Ali, S. Alkhazov, G. Alvarez Cartelle, P. Alves, A. A. Amato, S. Amerio, S. Amhis, Y. An, L. Anderlini, L. Andreassi, G. Andreotti, M. Andrews, J. E. Appleby, R. B. Aquines Gutierrez, O. Archilli, F. d’Argent, P. Arnau Romeu, J. Artamonov, A. Artuso, M. Aslanides, E. Auriemma, G. Baalouch, M. Babuschkin, I. Bachmann, S. Back, J. J. Badalov, A. Baesso, C. Baldini, W. Barlow, R. J. Barschel, C. Barsuk, S. Barter, W. Batozskaya, V. Batsukh, B. Battista, V. Bay, A. Beaucourt, L. Beddow, J. Bedeschi, F. Bediaga, I. Bel, L. J. Bellee, V. Belloli, N. Belous, K. Belyaev, I. Ben-Haim, E. Bencivenni, G. Benson, S. Benton, J. Berezhnoy, A. Bernet, R. Bertolin, A. Betti, F. Bettler, M.-O. van Beuzekom, M. Bezshyiko, I. Bifani, S. Billoir, P. Bird, T. Birnkraut, A. Bitadze, A. Bizzeti, A. Blake, T. Blanc, F. Blouw, J. Blusk, S. Bocci, V. Bondar, A. Bondar, N. Bonivento, W. 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dc.title Amplitude analysis of B[superscript +] →J/ψϕK[superscript +] decays en_US
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dc.identifier.citation Aaij, R. et al. “Amplitude Analysis of B[superscript +] → J/ψϕK[superscript +] Decays.” Physical Review D 95, 012002 (January 2017): 1-28 © 2017 CERN for the LHCb Collaboration en_US
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dc.contributor.mitauthor Boettcher, Thomas Julian
dc.contributor.mitauthor Ilten, Philip J
dc.contributor.mitauthor Williams, Michael
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