The LCS Technical Memos series includes some documents which were originally issued as Project MAC memos between 1963 and 1974.

Recent Submissions

  • Enhanced Certificate Revocation 

    Micali, Silvio (1996-03)
    We apply off-line/on-line signatures to provide an alternative solution to the problem of certificate revocation. The new systems dismiss with traditional CRLs (Certificate Revocation Lists) and yield public-key infrastructures ...
  • What are principal typings and what are they good for? 

    Jim, Trevor (1995-11)
    We demonstrate the pragmatic value of the principal typing property, a property more general than ML's principal type property, by studying a type system with principal typings. The type system is based on rank 2 intersection ...
  • Rank 2 Type Systems and Recursive Definitions 

    Jim, Trevor (1995-11)
    We demonstrate an equivalence between the rank 2 fragments of the polymorphic lambda calculus (System F) and the intersection type discipline: exactly the same terms are typable in each system. An immediate consequence ...

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