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Synthetic Biology

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Synthetic Biology


Synthetic biology refers to both (a) the design and fabrication of biological components and systems that do not already exist in the natural world and (b) the re-design and fabrication of existing biological systems.

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  • Ahlmann-Eltze, Constantin; Bunne, Charlotte; Büscher, Magdalena; Gleixner, Jan; Horn, Max; Huhn, Anna; Klughammer, Nils; Kreft, Jakob; Schäfer, Elisabeth; Schmelas, Carolin; Schmitz, Silvan; Waldhauer, Max; Bayer, Philipp; Krämer, Stephen; Neugebauer, Julia; Wehler, Pierre; Beaudouin, Joel; Di Ventura, Barbara; Eils, Roland (2015-03-17)
    This Request for Comments (RFC) proposes a new standard that allows for easy and flexible cloning of intein constructs and thus makes this technology accessible to the synthetic biology community.
  • Trubitsyna, Maryia; Chan, Karen; Cai, Yizhi; Elfick, Alistair; French, Chris (2015-03-17)
    This BioBrick Foundation Request for Comments (BBF RFC 104) describes a new approach to multiple part DNA assembly – BrickClip, which does not require use of any restriction enzymes, nor cloning of the parts to specific ...
  • Rutten, Virginia; Munabi, Angelina; Riche, Fergus; Lewy, Guy; Wilson, Hugh; Pipan, Miha; Bhate, Salil; Nghiem, Trang-Anh; Kaufhold, Will; Haseloff, Jim; Rubert, Alba; González, Alejandra; Quijano, Alfredo; Llopis, Ivan; Gavaldá, Jose; Estellés, Lucía; Vásquez, Marta; Orzáez, Diego; Deal, Cara; Gray, Jessica; Spiegel, Mischa; Monsey, Steven; Middlemiss, Alistair; Day, Jack; Patron, Nicola (2015-03-17)
    Here we define a standard syntax for assembling standard parts for expression in plant cells, extensible to all other eukaryotes. Variations of the Type IIS mediated cloning method known as Golden Gate Cloning, most notably ...
  • Wang, Lingjue; Tong, Yin; Zhou, Liqun; Ni, Zhuangdian; Zhu, Xiaodan; Li, Hanrun (2013-11-01)
    This Request for Comments (RFC) describes a new framework for standardize logic gene relations among gene circuits. Each type of logic module in gene circuit can be summarized in a standard device in electronics. In this ...
  • Wang, Lingjue; Zhu, Xiaodan; Li, Hanrun; He, Huiyu; Ni, Zhuangdian; Zhou, Liqun (2013-10-29)
    Current, there is well adopted documentation of biobricks. The Registry of Standard Biology Part set the standard documentation for biobrick. However, there is no standard way to document a genetic circuit, what information ...