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Lecture Notes

This section provides two sets of lecture notes, one prepared by the instructor and one prepared by the students (referred to as scribe notes). Some lecture notes from a previous offering of the course are also provided.
1 Intro, Fibonacci Heaps (PDF) (PDFCourtesy of David Andersen, Ioana Dumitriu, and John Dunagan.
2 MST with Fibonacci Heaps, Multilevel Bucket Heaps (PDF)
3 Van Emde Boas Queues, Splay Trees (PDF)
4 Splay Trees (PDF) (PDFCourtesy of Jason Rennie, Arvind Sankar, and Jamie Teevan.
5 Persistent Data Structures (PDF) (PDFCourtesy of Sommer Gentry and Eddie Kohler.
6 Suffix Trees (PDF)
7 Dynamic Connectivity (PDF) (PDFCourtesy of Daniel Barkalow, Ilya Shlyakhter, and Sara Picket.
8 Finish Dynamic Connectivity, Start Max-Flow (PDF) (PDF)
9 Max-Flow and Augmenting Path Algorithms (PDF)
10 Blocking Flows, Dynamic Trees and Scaling Algorithms (PDF)
11 The Push-Relabel Algorithm (PDF)
12 Fancier Push-Relabel Algorithms, Min-Cost Flow (PDF)
13 Min-Cost Flow Properties, Basic Algorithms (PDF) (PDFCourtesy of Maria Minkoff, Sofya Raskhodnikova, and Nati Srebro.
14 Min-Cost Flow Algorithms (PDF) (PDFCourtesy of Brian Dean and John Jannotti.
15 Linear Programming, Formulation and Geometry (PDF)
16 Basic Solutions, Simplex Algorithm (PDF)
17 Weak Duality (PDF)
18 Strong Duality (PDF)
19 Complementary Slackness (PDF) (PDF)
20 Ellipsoid Algorithm, Separation versus Optimization, Interior Point (PDF) (PDFCourtesy of Dave Manz, Andrew Glenn, and Wes Chao.
21 Computational Geometry, Seidel's Linear Programming Algorithm, Plane Sweep Algorithms, Range Query Data Structure (PDF)
22 Computational Geometry, More Sweep Algorithms: Convex Hull, Halfspace Intersection by Duality, Voronoi Diagrams (PDF)
23 Online Algorithms, Ski Rental, Linked-list Traversal, Load Balancing (PDF)
24 Paging (PDF)
Notes from Previous Course Offering
Interior Point Algorithms, Online Algorithms (PDF)
Randomized Online Algorithms (PDF)
Approximation Algorithms (PDF)
TSP and Knapsack, Polynomial Approximation Schemes (PDF)
Linear Programming Formulations (PDF)